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04 May 2014

John Forbes Kerry: Born To Be Wild(ly)...Off The Diplomatic Reservation

'There’s no doubt that Israel and the Palestinians have tough issues to work out to get to the goal of two states living side by side in peace and security, but injecting a term like ‘apartheid’ into the discussion doesn’t advance the goal. It’s emotionally loaded, historically inaccurate, and it’s not what I believe.'

- Senator Barack Obama, 2008

By Joan Vennochi

When President Obama chose John Kerry as his secretary of state, a headline in Foreign Policy magazine declared that the longtime Massachusetts senator and son of a career Foreign Service officer was about to get the job “he was always meant to have.” 

As that old saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

Fast forward two years, and a recent headline in the same publication now advises: “How John Kerry can find success in the ashes of Middle East peace.” Kerry deserves credit for pushing the dialogue forward between the Israelis and Palestinians, and given the politics and history of similar efforts, it’s hard to pin a failed Mideast deal solely on him. That hasn’t stopped related media coverage from being far less generous — thanks to another of the secretary’s serial gaffes. 

Kerry generated serious backlash after he told a group of senior officials that Israel runs the risk of becoming “an apartheid state” if no peace deal with Palestine is reached in the near future. The meeting was supposed to be off the record, but no one, from Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling to the US secretary of state, should ever count on privacy anymore. A tape recording was made, and the news, first reported by the Daily Beast, spun out from there. 

 'My name is John Kerry and I served in Vietnam, by the way, and I'm reporting for duty.'

Please, please, please, with sugar on top...and chocolate sprinkles...and marshmallows...and pistachios...and Oreo crumbles...and chocolate chunks...and Reese's Pieces...and walnuts...and M&Ms...and chocolate whipped cream...and Irish coffee-flavoured whipped cream...and a, make that three cherries...stay home!  Haven't you purchased enough Pottery Barns already? - SoRo

Was Kerry jet-lagged from trying too hard in too many places? Or was the diplomat simply going rogue, saying what he thinks should be said in a tough, Putin-colored world? 

Desmond Tutu, South Africa’s renowned anti-apartheid leader, approved, but Senator Barbara Boxer, Democrat of California, did not. Via Twitter, Boxer said: “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and any linkage between Israel and apartheid is nonsensical and ridiculous.” 

It goes without saying Republicans jumped on it. Texas Senator Ted Cruz went as far as to call for Kerry to resign. 

From a diplomatic perspective, the remark angered Jewish leaders and Israeli officials — even if it is a reference some themselves have used. 

But probably most awkward for Kerry: His words ran up against Obama’s views. In a 2008 interview, then-Senator Obama said, “” 

Still, the White House stuck by Kerry after he apologized for the comparison, even backing him up on the basic sentiment that the “desired outcome here [is] via a two-state solution in which there is a sovereign Palestinian state and a democratic, Jewish state of Israel that is secure and safe.” 

Perhaps Kerry is hoping the “apartheid” remark will somehow end up in the winning category like the off-hand remark he made last summer that an American military campaign in Syria could be avoided if only Syrian president Bashar Assad turned over his country’s chemical weapons cache. In that case, the State Department similarly rushed to walk back the quip as it did with the “apartheid” comment this week. But then Syria and close ally Russia surprised everyone by suggesting Kerry’s unscripted solution could work. 

Unfortunately, though he managed to avoid sending US bombers into Syria, Kerry has done little to deter Assad from waging war on his own people. 

And it is not hard to foresee similar results in recent efforts to convince Vladimir Putin to leave Ukraine in peace. The Russian president seems likewise dismissive of US warnings — despite the State Department tweets that critics have derided as a “hashtag war on Putin.” 

The American public usually pays scant attention to the nuances of foreign policy. It’s far more fascinated by the nuances of V. Stiviano’s relationship with Sterling, the 80-year-old billionaire she tape-recorded. But Americans do understand the general proposition that words have power and so must Kerry. He certainly has been tripped up by them before. (I actually voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it.

If Kerry were truly born to be secretary of state, it’s time for him to reclaim his diplomatic birthright.

John Kerry Reminds Israeli Critics That He Served In Vietnam And He Isn’t Going To Be Intimidated

By Doug Powers

John Kerry has about had it with his Israeli critics and he’s now engaging in “stick and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me” diplomacy:

CNN’s Jake Tapper presented Kerry with an opportunity to respond to Bennett and other Israeli critics during an interview Wednesday. 

“My comments need to be properly represented, not distorted. I did not do anything except cite what other people are talking about as a problem,” Kerry said. ”But I also have always opposed boycotts. I have 100 percent voting record in support of Israel for 29 years in the United States Senate. Unfortunately, there are some people in Israel and in Palestine and in the Arab World and around the world that don’t support the peace process.”

“Israel needs to understand we will always stand by its security needs,” he continued. “But no one should distort what we’re doing or saying because they’re opposed to the peace process or don’t like two states or whatever. And, you know, words — I have to tell you, my friend, I’ve been, quote, attacked before by people using real bullets, not words, and I am not going to be intimidated. I am not going to stand down with respect to President Obama’s commitment to trying to find peace in the Middle East.” 

Glenn Reynolds writes at Instapundit: 

'Yes, those effete Israelis know nothing of such things.'

Maybe Kerry thinks the Iron Dome is just a big bug zapper.

Now, that's who John Forbes Kerry was born to be:  An Anti-American, lawbreaking (by his own admission...U.S. Code 18 U.S.C. 953: 'A U.S. citizen cannot go abroad and negotiate with a foreign power') traitor, who tells self-aggrandizing the one about 'President Richard Nixon' sending him into Cambodia on Christmas Day 1968 even though Nixon wasn't even President at the time...and conducts his own peace negotiations with America's enemies with the express disapproval of his own country because he is more in love with himself and his ideology, which is shared by people like Jane Fonda and Madam Nguyen Thi Binh, the PVR's negotiator).

John Kerry’s Meeting With North Vietnamese Communists Broke American Law

By Marc Morano,, Thursday, 20 May 2004

The 1970 meeting that John Kerry conducted with North Vietnamese communists violated U.S. law, according to an author and researcher who has studied the issue.

Kerry met with representatives from “both delegations” of the Vietnamese in Paris in 1970, according to Kerry’s own testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on April 22, 1971. But Kerry’s meetings with the Vietnamese delegations were in direct violation of laws forbidding private citizens from negotiating with foreign powers, according to researcher and author Jerry Corsi, who began studying the anti-war movement in the early 1970s. 

According to U.S. code 18 U.S.C. 953 - “A U.S. citizen cannot go abroad and negotiate with a foreign power' - Kerry violated US law. *

By Kerry’s own admission, he met in 1970 with delegations from the North Vietnamese communist government and discussed how the Vietnam War should be stopped. 

Kerry explained to Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman J. William Fulbright (as flaming a racist**, segregationist**, and one world governor*** as there ever was...and, of course, because he was such a stalwart and behemoth in the Democratic Party for these reasons, America's 'first black President,' Bill Clinton  in a question-and-answer session on Capitol Hill a year after his Paris meetings that the war needed to be stopped “immediately and unilaterally.” Then Kerry added: “I have been to Paris. I have talked with both delegations at the peace talks, that is to say the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the Provisional Revolutionary Government.” 

However, both of the delegations to which Kerry referred were communist. Neither included the U.S. allied, South Vietnamese or any members of the U.S. delegation. The Democratic Republic of Vietnam was the government of the North Vietnamese communists, and the Provisional Revolutionary Government (PVR) was an arm of the North Vietnamese government that included the Vietcong. 

Kerry did meet face-to-face with the PVR’s negotiator Madam Nguyen Thi Binh, according to his presidential campaign spokesman Michael Meehan. Madam Binh’s peace plan was being proposed by the North Vietnamese communists as a way to bring a quick end to the war. 

But Corsi alleged that Kerry’s meeting with Madam Binh and the government of North Vietnam was a direct violation of U.S. law. 

“In [Kerry's] first meeting in 1970, meeting with Madam Binh, Kerry was still a naval reservist – not only a U.S. citizen, but a naval reservist – stepping outside the boundaries to meet with one of the principle figures of our enemy in Vietnam, Madam Binh, and the Viet Cong at the same time. [Former Nixon administration aide Henry] Kissinger was trying to negotiate with them formally.”

It has also been asserted that by 1971, Kerry might have violated another law by completely adopting the rhetoric and objectives of the North Vietnamese communists. 

Definition of Treason 

'Article three: Section three [of the U.S. Constitution], which defines treason, says you cannot give support to the enemy in time of war, and here you have Kerry giving a press conference in Washington on July 22, 1971 (a year after his meeting with the communist delegations in Paris) advocating the North Vietnamese peace plan and saying that is what President to accept...If Madam Binh had been there herself at that press conference, she would have said exactly what Kerry said. The only difference is she would not have done it with a Boston accent...The 7 Point Plan created by the North Vietnamese communists was nothing more than a “surrender” for the United States...You don’t advocate that [7 point] plan unless you are on the communist side. It was seen as surrender. [The U.S.] would have had to pay reparations and agree that we essentially lost the war.'

Communist Shill

“Kerry was openly advocating that the communist position was correct and that we were wrong. He had become a spokesman for the communist party,” intones Dr Jerome Corsi (who is often far-far-out-there, but he has documented his findings at  So, give however much weight to his claims as you deem appropriate). 

Kerry’s presidential campaign did not return repeated phone calls seeking comment, but campaign spokesman Michael Meehan told the Boston Globe in March, “Kerry had no role whatsoever in the Paris peace talks or negotiations. 

‘From Their Point of View’

Kerry “went to Paris on a private trip, where he had one brief meeting with Madam Binh and others. In an effort to find facts, he learned that status of the peace talks from their point of view and about any progress in resolving the conflict, particularly as it related to the fate of the POWs,” Meehan added. Kerry was reportedly on his honeymoon with his first wife, Julia Thorne, when he met with the communist delegations. 

But Corsi does not accept the Kerry campaign’s explanation. 

“Meehan made it sound like they were just there on a honeymoon and they got a meeting with Madam Bin, but not every American honeymooner got to meet with Madam Binh. Unless you had a political objective and they identified you as somebody as sympathetic, you were not going to get invited to a meeting with Madam Binh,” Corsi said. 

* SoRo:  According to his own FBI files, Senator Ted Kennedy broke this law at least twice.  Once when meeting with the Soviets to undermine the foreign policy of President Jimmy Carter, a Democrat, and, again, when he pulled the same stunt with when a Republican, Ronald Reagan, was POTUS.  It's strange how Democratic heavyweights like Kennedy and Kerry never seem to get prosecuted for something that would result in our being thrown under the jail forever.  Of course, this is a long-standing tradition.  For example, from 1934 to 1937 (wiki), 'the Special Committee on Un-American Activities Authorized to Investigate Nazi Propaganda and Certain Other Propaganda Activities, chaired by John W. McCormack (D-MA) and Samuel Dickstein (D-NY), held public and private hearings and collected testimony filling 4,300 pages. Its mandate was to get 'information on how foreign subversive propaganda entered the U.S. and the organizations that were spreading it.' The committee was widely known as the McCormack-Dickstein committee.' 

Some of you are probably saying: 'And, so?  It was widely-known that there were Nazi and Mussolini followers and agents in the United State spreading subversive propaganda.'  True enough.  BUT, what does it say about the quality of a committee's work, who it targets, to whom it gives tacit approval, etc, when one of the refs is on the payroll of one of the teams?  No, I'm not referring to Lois Lerner and Barack Obama's Internal Revenue Service.  Rather, I am pointing to The Right Honourable Samuel Dickstein, Congressman, who for decades, worked as a reliable informer and agent for The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).  

I guess the moral of the story is:  If you are a Democrat and conduct illegal activities with members or countries of the socialist/communist persuasion, you're golden, baby.  Just golden!'

** Fulbright signed The Southern Manifesto, which denounced the Supreme Court's historic 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision, filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1957 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as well as voted against the 1965 Voting Rights Act all the while remaining a member of the Democratic Party in most excellent standing.  Yes, you can!   Because in the Democratic Party, the Bobby Byrds never coommme hoooooommme toooorooooooossssttttt!

*** By strange coincidence, I'm sure, most of the leading proponents, especially in the United States, for the creation of the United Nations were staunch multilateralists...and either Soviet sympathisers or downright agents. For two examples:  Alger Hiss (Instrumental in the establishment of the United Nations both as a U.S. State Department and U.N. official, member of the Communist Party, Soviet Spy, convicted perjurer, and slanderer of truth-tellers); Harry Dexter White (senior Treasury official, big wig at Bretton Woods, archenemy of John Maynard Keynes, who disagreed with his monetary approach and post-war programmes, architect of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund for whom he served as that institution's first US Director, and leading proponent of improved relations with the Soviet Union, which evidently included delivering classified information to his handlers).  Note:  On this particular issue, 'the science is (really, really, really) settled.'  All of the deniers, McCarthy smear merchants, apologists, appeasers, etc, have been denuded of even their tiniest fig-leaves of protestations.  After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the implosion of the Soviet Union, both of which granted cover to the Hiss lovers, etc, and provided them with reams of 'information and intelligence accumulated' through the black art of dezinformatsiya.

If you don't think that the United Nations is very much an anti-American institution created by the Soviets, its agents/sympathisers, and others, all of whom wanted to knock the United States down more than a few notches and relieve it of superpower status, and continues to do so to this day, just keep this date in mind every year: October 24th.  Over at the UN, the 24th of October is referred to as 'Alger Hiss Day.'

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