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20 September 2013

'Toons of the Day: We've Always Been At War With Eastasia And Chocorats Are Increasing From 30g to 25g! Yippee!!!!

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

'We will bury you from without without firing a shot.
We will bury you from within without firing a shot.

We will take over American and never fire a shot.
We will destroy America without wasting one bullet.
You'll be twerking while we assume our rightful place in the world.'

- Nikita Khrushchev   

(It definitely wasn't another one of their 5-Year Plans)

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

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Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino

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Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert

Back by popular demand...

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

Political Cartoons by Glenn Foden

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Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

 Sooooomebody needs a lesson....


How would 'common sense gun laws' have prevented this?

He LEGALLY purchased the shotgun.

He STOLE the two handguns off of the bodies of two of his law enforcement victims.

He PASSED a Federal background check to get into the Navy.

He PASSED a Federal background check to work for a defence contractor.

He PASSED a Federal background check for a CCW.

He PASSED a Federal background check when he purchased the shotgun.

He PASSED a Federal background check to obtain his 'secret' security clearance.

He was on a Navy installation that was a Gun-Free Zone.

He was in DC, which already has some of the most draconian gun laws in the country.

SPECIFICALLY, how would MORE gun control laws have prevented this obscenity?

Alexis passed Federal background checks for the Navy, a military contractor, a ‘secret’ security clearance, a CCW, and his shotgun purchase.

Here’s an idea: Maybe, instead of agitating for more gun control laws, we tell the Federal government to up its game when it comes to vetting people?

Seriously, after:





What more do we need to endure before we start demanding a better job from our FAILING FEDERAL GOVERNMENT?

This administration cannot vet the above four or even the faux Doctor Elizabeth O'Baby - there go-to expert on the subject of the percentage of 'moderates' in the Syrian rebels.

Yet, we are told that 'we can tell the Syrian good guys from the bad guys' because they have been VETTED(!!!) and there's no downside to sending them sophisticated weapons and systems.  

Sorry, if I am not buying it.

By The Way:

1.  ALL mass shootings in the LAST 50 YEARS, with the sole exception of Tuscon, occurred WITHIN GUN-FREE ZONE in the United States.

3.  The OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of Democrats voted AGAINST the Grassley-Cruz Amendment (52-48), which, as Senator Bob Corker explained:

'Like most Americans, I want to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and dangerous mentally ill people. Today, I supported the Grassley amendment to enhance mental health reporting requirements, which I believe is the central issue, and to improve the background check system in a way that is not an impediment to Second Amendment rights.'

4.   The Grassely-Cruz Amendment would:

A)  Improve and reauthorize grants for NICS database;

B)  Require federal courts to submit relevant information (mental health, use of weapons, violence) to NICS;

C)  Ensure that relevant mental health records are submitted by states to NICS;

D) Condition federal grant money for states on their submission of mental health records to NICS;

E) Increase federal prosecution of gun violence by establishing the Nationwide Project Exile Program and establishing a high level federal taskforce;

F) Study of the causes of mass shootings;

G) Responsibly addresses gun violence by criminalizing straw purchasing of firearms and gun trafficking;

H) Second Amendment Protections for Veterans;

I) Require the Department of Justice to explain to Congress why it has or has not been prosecuting gun cases (The Obama administration has prosecuted 45% fewer gun cases than the Bush Administration);

J) Place Limitations on Fast & Furious type operations by DOJ;

K) Authorize FFL’s to utilize the NICS database to for voluntary background checks of employees;

L) Authorize FFL’s to access the FBI’s National Crime Information Center stolen gun database to ensure that a firearm is not stolen prior to acquisition;

M) Reauthorize the Mentally Ill Offender Treatment and Crime Reduction Act (MIOTCRA) with amendments;

N) Address school safety by Reauthorizes the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Secure our Schools Program through 2023.

Only, Democrats' Baucus, Begich, Donnelly, Landrieu, Heitkamp, Hagan, Pryor, and Tester voted to for an amendment that would have put a focus on mental health and facilitate reporting about mental illness and violence that is symptomatic of an underlying health issue between the states and the NICS.  Further, Grassley-Cruz would have conditioned some Federal funding on a states compliance with submitting relevant information and mental health records to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).  The overwhelming majority of Democrats couldn't be bothered with mental health.


Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

Fuel and cost efficient?

Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

'The Dog ate my speedometer.  It's the computer's fault.'

American Exceptionalism


Seriously, why can't members of misogynistic, racist, homophobic, bigoted, child-abusing, xenophobic, tribalistic, antisemitic, Christophobic, maniacal, thin-skinned, homicidal, suicidal, totalitarian, 7th century death cult ask Allah to transport them to the 21st century.

If and when the Neanderthals decide they wish to join the rest of us here in the 21st century, I will be more than happy to welcome them to modernity.

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