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27 March 2013

Awesomely Awesome Pic of the Day - Alternative Title: ESAD, Fred Phelps!!!

From Billy Hallowell:

It’s the Westboro Baptist Church’s worst nightmare: A home-turned-gay rights center located right across the street from the controversial Topeka, Kan., house of worship. Recently, this intriguing scenario became a reality.

In addition to its mere presence, the building’s aesthetics are also likely to create a stir among Westboro faithful, as the house’s siding has been intentionally painted to resemble a rainbow — a symbol that has been synonymous with the gay rights movement for decades.

The home, located opposite the church, has become 31-year-old Aaron Jackson’s newest project, Gawker reports. The young do-gooder has transformed into a center intended to target the anti-gay sentiment that so often comes from Westboro’s congregants.

Jackson, founder of Planting Peace, helps fund orphanages abroad and engages in other charitable activities. Now, gay rights is his newest cause.


Hey, Phelps nutters!   The only thing that would make this better would be a big, rainbow-coloured striped, middle-finger chimney and loud speakers that screech "Eat shit and die, you cultish freaks!" every time you take a sip of your morning cup of joe or the word "fag" leaves your lips.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, haters gotta hate.

PS:  Fred, have you spoken to Fat Al Gore, lately?

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