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06 May 2012

Picture of the Day: "Hi, My Name Is Julia!"

From this:

"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

- President John F Kennedy, 20 January 1961

to this in 51 years.  Thanks, Democrats!:

 Man in Zuccotti Park.

Proving once-and-for-all that you do not need to be a woman to be a welfare queen.

If you were wondering to where "Forward!" led, look no further.  The man above is more Julia than the Julia depicted in the Obama campaign's "The Life of Julia."  Julia is a fictional character.  He is not.  He is where Obama and the "Party of Julia" want to take the entire country.  A nation of infants entirely dependent upon the government for their every need and fulfillment of desire.  

Big Government = Small, incapable, ignorant, infantile citizens, who have small, incapable, ignorant, infantile, and feral offspring.


Someone asked:  "I might be a little naive but that sign has a question mark at the end. What’s his point? Are we sure he is not one of the grown-ups?"

Sophie:  He was with OWS in Zuccotti Park. I saw him several times. He was a reg.   I don’t know what his point is although I do know that many in OWS want a 2nd Bill of Rights – a “charter of positive rights/liberties.” The current Bill of Rights lays out what the government cannot do to you. The Second Bill of Rights would specify what the government must do for you. It would make housing, food, education, healthcare, etc., constitutional rights.

The Left has wanted this since the end of WWII and Obama addressed the subject in a radio interview in 2001 or so.

Other than that, I haven’t a clue.  He is one of them.  He isn't one of the "grown-ups."  Maybe, someone else has an idea?

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JTGA said...

"Soy un perdedor"

Whadda bunch of USELESS human beans wasting perfectly good O2!

'nuff said!