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18 October 2011

The Answer Is Obvious

"The Palestinian people does not exist…Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people…to oppose Zionism.”

- Zahir Muhsein, Palestinian National Counci, 1977 

"The macabre prepossession of the international community with the “problem” of Israel is now so widespread that it has become like a cultural neurosis or even a fact of nature, that is, something that is habitual, taken for granted and rarely questioned. One drinks it in with the morning coffee, if not with one’s mother’s milk. It is treated as the central issue in the geopolitical world beside which every other consideration fades into comparative insignificance.

The People’s Republic of China has overrun Tibet, resettled it with its own citizens and imposed autocratic rule? 

Not on the radar. 

Zimbabwe has forcefully dispossessed its white farmers and mercilessly persecuted its own people? 

Of no account. 

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptian Copts are fleeing the country to avoid killings, rapes, church burnings and forced conversions? 

A mere bagatelle. 

Islamist and Salafist factions are emerging in Egypt in the wake of the much-touted “Arab Spring,” promising renewed violence whether in Helwan, Imbaba, Tahrir Square or Alexandria? 

A tepid reproof by EU foreign policy chief, Lady Ashton, and so on to other things, mainly Israel. 

The Muslim Brotherhood is making inroads into the Islamic world and promulgating Sharia law in the West? 

Of little interest. 

Iran is brutally suppressing its own population and Syria is indiscriminately slaughtering its people? 

No flotillas. 

Russia is systematically murdering and imprisoning investigative journalists? 

It’s an internal Russian matter. 

Reports indicate that Venezuela and Cuba may construct missile emplacements targeting the U.S.? 

Forget about it. 

Libyan rebels are massacring black Africans? 

Nothing to worry about. 

Sudan is conducting an ethnic cleansing campaign in Darfur? 

It doesn’t register. 

Somalia is imploding owing to the bombings and depredations of the al-Shabaab terrorist network? 

Not our problem. 

Pakistan-sponsored terrorists wreak havoc in India? 

It merits a passing headline and is then dismissed. 

The Taliban is again turning Afghanistan into a killing field? 

Unfortunate, but there it is. 

Turkey refuses to acknowledge and apologize for the Armenian genocide it carried out? 

Well, that was long ago."

What distinguishes Israel from the others?  Judaism.  The anti-Zionism, pro-Palestinian movement is NOT based on the human rights of Palestinians.  It has NEVER been about such.  It has ALWAYS been about anti-Semitism.  What Arabs have done, most ingeniously, is to recognise that the global intellectual Left has always had a strong anti-Semitic streak.  Obviously, after the Holocaust, it became verboten to be overtly anti-Semitic.  Arab leaders devised a win-win strategy that would enable them to destroy Israel, crush the Jews, make Useful Infidels of the naive West through multiculturalism, and give the Left the ability to let their anti-Semitic freak flag fly...high and proud:  Anti-Zionism / Anti-Israel is not Anti-Semitism.

As we have seen in Norway, where shechita - Jewish ritual slaughter - is banned, but halal  - Islamic ritual slaughter - is not, along with seal clubbing and whaling, the highest politicians in the land can attend pro-Palestinian rallies where the crowd screams "Death to Jews!" and claim not to be anti-Semitic because they are only "anti-Zionist."

As David Solway writes, "The world remains focused on Israel because Israel is a Jewish state, the Jewish family on the international block, a distinctive presence which activates the latent—as well as the manifest—content of a malingering and inexcisable anti-Semitism. For this is anti-Semitism pure and simple and it would be disingenuous to try and mitigate the truth by seeking for nuanced and textured evasions intended to downplay mankind’s longest hatred. Jews, the feeling goes, do not deserve their own state. They presumably form a collection of wandering tribes and disruptive social interlopers, justly scattered among the nations and deserving of marginalization, a historical 'fossil' according to the celebrated historian Arnold Toynbee and, according to the anti-Zionist delator Tony Judt, an 'anachronism.' But such pronouncements and convictions are merely an attempt to launder one’s irrational bigotries or dissemble one’s innate aversions. The current situation makes this blatantly evident. The name of the game is Judeophobia.

At the same time, the revisionist Palestinian narrative of indigenous rights and immemorial nationhood, which has no basis in reality and is demonstrably woven out of whole cloth, is vetted by the international community and accepted without question. The Palestinian program should be perfectly transparent. As Zahir Muhsein of the Palestinian National Council told the Dutch newspaper Trouw as far back as 1977, “The Palestinian people does not exist…Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people…to oppose Zionism.”

With regard to the Israelis and the Palestinians, the maxim is: to the losers go the spoils. The anti-Israel bias explains the spurious preoccupation, indeed the pathological obsession, with the Palestinian cause, the acceptance of the Palestinian fable of dispossession (the so-called Nakba), and the winking at the Palestinian terror franchises, the anti-Jewish incitement industry and the genocidal charters of both Fatah and Hamas. The declared goal of Hamas is the annihilation of Israel. Its mission statement reads in part: “There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad.” The cardinal purpose of the Fatah movement, according to its constitution, is the “complete liberation of Palestine, and eradication of Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence,” to be effected by “armed struggle [which] will not cease unless the Zionist state is demolished.” Further, Article 19 of the PLO Covenant rejects the 1947 UN partition of Palestine and Article 20 denies the Jewish historical relationship to the Holy Land.

The most effective way, then, to shrink the Jewish state and render it increasingly vulnerable to successful attack by the surrounding Muslim nations is to support the claims, strategies and demands of the Palestinian leadership. Western leaders, the liberal political elite, Third World parasites and various autocratic regimes are not genuinely interested in the confection of a Palestinian state. A loose collection of mendicant clans calling themselves a “people” or a “nation,” with neither historical grounding nor political warrant and that offers nothing of value to the world at large, is, or should be, by any reasonable estimation of peripheral significance.  The agenda in play is something quite different, in part an effort to curry favor with the Islamic umma and, allied with this concern, the intent to siphon the lifeblood of the troublesome Zionist upstart. Israel represents the collective Jew who must be put in his place, not treated as an equal, but, at best, superciliously tolerated and, at worst, deprived of status or erased from the book of the living. This is where Palestine comes in. As others have remarked, Palestine is the Trojan Horse the councils of the nations wheel up to the gates of Jerusalem; “their forces join/To invade the town,” as Virgil writes in The Aeneid. Troy must fall to the ruses of its enemies. The invention of Palestine has no other purpose, whether for the Arabs, “progressive” political society or the rabble of confrontation states and rogue regimes, than the reduction of the Jewish state, on which the world’s baleful attention has fastened since at least the 1967 war.

Why Palestine? The answer is obvious. The answer is: Israel. 

Why Israel?  The answer is obvious.  The answer is:  The Jews.

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