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30 December 2015

In The Spirit Of #RhodesMustFall, #WilsonMustFall And #BillCosbyMustFall, #BillClintonMustFall

Sooo, serial philanderer, if not rapist, Bill Cosby, has been charged in Pennsylvania and arrested in connection with an alleged sexual assault which purportedly occurred in 2004.
When I saw one headline ‘Bill Has Been Charged With Sexual Assault’, I thought Bill Clinton, not Bill Cosby.

Wrong Bill?

No, seriously, if Bill Cosby sexually harassed, assaulted, and/or raped women, he deserves to be charged, prosecuted, found guilty be a jury of his peers, and sentenced to spend the last years of his life in prison. Furthermore, he deserves to be stripped of every honorarium, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

You know, now that this generation is trying to erase George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, (hated Fascist) Woodrow Wilson, and Cecil Rhodes, it raises an interesting thought:

What will future generations think of William Jefferson Clinton?

* A man who, as a student, was asked to leave Oxford over the allegation that he raped a fellow student, a 19-year-old English woman named Eileen Wellstone who accused Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting her after she met him at a pub near Oxford in 1969.  Her appearance and injuries were consistent with having been raped.  SHE WAS BRUISED AND HER LIP WAS SWOLLEN AND BLEEDING, AS A RESULT OF BEING BITTEN DURING THE ASSAULT (keeps that in mind). Due to their daughter’s physical and emotional states, Ms Wellstone’s parents decided against pressing charges with the legal authorities, but did bring the matter to the appropriate people at Oxford.

Clinton admitted to having sex with the woman although he claimed that it was ‘consensual.’  Oxford asked him to leave voluntarily or he would be sent down.

* A man, who as Attorney General of Arkansas, was accused of raping Juanita Broaddrick and told her she'd  - 'THAT' being the swollen lip that he had bit violently during his assault. She was believed by both those she contemporaneously confided in (like her roommate immediately after Clinton left) as well as reporters like Lisa Myers of NBC, who interviewed her many, many years later.  

Hillary later made an oblique reference to the rape when speaking with Broaddrick and Bill apologized to Juanita for the assault in 1991.

* A man who, as Attorney General and Governor, so adored his wife and daughter, that he carried on a 12 year affair with a cabaret singer and cared not if the world knew it.

* A man who, as the Governor of Arkansas for TWELVE YEARS, refused to remove the Confederate flag.

* A man who, during his 12-year tenure as Governor signed Act 985 making the birthdays of Martin Luther King, Jr, the preeminent leader of the civil-rights movement, and Robert E Lee, the general who led the Confederate army, a state holiday - TO BE OBSERVED ON THE SAME DAY.

* A man who, as President, decided to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to a staunch segregationist like William J Fulbright, who, by the way, FILIBUSTERED THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964.

* A man who, as Leader of the Free World, carried on a sexual relationship with a young woman close to his daughter’s age while he was President and she a lowly interned.  Not only did he turn the Oval Office into a place of sordid assignations, he turned a 21 year-old intern’s rectum into his own personal humidor. 

* A man who, as President of the United States, suborned perjury and obstruction of justice.

* A man who was disbarred because he committed perjury before Federal District Judge Susan Webber Wright.

* A man, who as President, generated headlines such as these:

Law in the Clinton Era; A Feminist Dilemma and led to Second Generation Feminists, like Gloria Steinem, being so conflicted (He’s a sexual predator v He’s pro-abortion!) that they came up with the completely hypocritical ‘One Free Grope Rule’ – your boss can turn your rectum into his personal humidor and that is just fine as long as he only does it once.

Feminists Support Clinton by Gloria Steinem

It’s the basis of sexual harassment law. It also explains why the news media’s obsession with sex qua sex is offensive to some, titillating to many and beside the point to almost everybody. Like most feminists, most Americans become concerned about sexual behavior when someone’s will has been violated; that is, when “no” hasn’t been accepted as an answer.
Perhaps we have a responsibility to make it O.K. for politicians to tell the truth — providing they are respectful of “no means no; yes means yes” — and still be able to enter high office.
Until then, we will disqualify energy and talent the country needs.

There are several women who could be asked if Clinton knows what 'no means no' means’.

FemiNazis said this about Paula Jones:  

Yet from the moment former Arkansas state worker Paula Corbin Jones came forward in May 1994 with her claim of indecent advances by then-Gov. Clinton, feminists were remarkably quick to abandon the Anita Hill paradigm. On CNN, legal scholar and former Democratic strategist Susan Estrich declared that it was healthy for feminists to make the point that "not all women necessarily are telling the truth, and not every complaint deserves to be used in a way which destroys a man." (Trying to neutralize charges of partisan hypocrisy, Estrich also noted, "Maybe we show it in the case of a friend of ours, but so be it.")
Others who had supported wide-ranging definitions of sexual harassment in the past suggested that if Clinton indeed had Jones escorted to his hotel room, displayed his distinguishing characteristics, and asked for oral sex, it was no big deal. Katha Pollitt, the acid-tongued commentator for The Nation, noted that Jones lost no pay or promotions for rebuffing him. Eleanor Smeal, former head of the National Organization for Women and president of the Feminist Majority Foundation, opined that it was "a marginal sexual harassment case at best."
Many feminists feebly argued that Jones didn't need their help. She was going to have her day in court, they said, whereas Anita Hill would not have been allowed to testify without feminist pressure. The dismissal of Jones's lawsuit took away this excuse; interestingly, some of the people who had used it, including ex-Rep. Pat Schroeder (D-Colo.), applauded Judge Wright's ruling. On ABC's This Week, NOW President Patricia Ireland couldn't give a straight answer to the question, "If Paula Jones's allegations are true, was she harassed?" A number of feminist commentators asserted that a case of harassment must involve some economic or psychological harm to the plaintiff. In fact, that hasn't been the law since 1993--though Wright did cite the absence of tangible damage in dismissing Jones's claim of outrage under Arkansas state law.

See, there can be no sexual harassment or assault by a Democrat unless you lost pay or a promotion…and that is only if you rebuffed him instead of going along under duress.

* A man who, as President and while physically in the Oval Office, suggested a little quid-pro-quo to an old acquaintance and Clinton fundraiser, who had fallen on hard financial times and was seeking a position in the Administration or elsewhere.  As he was mauling her, the bankrupt husband she was trying to save committed suicide.  AND lowlife scum like David Corn said (paraphrasing) ‘If she had just stayed home instead of seeking employment, maybe her husband wouldn’t have killed himself!’

* A elder statesman who flew on The Lolita Express (owned by convicted 'paedophile and sex slaver, Jeffrey Epstein) at least a dozen times, vacationed on Orgy Island (also owned by Epstein), intervened to obtain a reduced sentence for his billionaire, paedophilic friend, and even invited the paedophile's Assistant/Madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, whose personal computer contained numerous examples of (photographic) child pornography to the extremely exclusive wedding of his own daughter, Chelsea.

* A man who, as an international statesman and leader, has continued to have sexual liaisons even during the times his own wife was campaigning for Senate and President…TWICE.

* A man whose indiscretions and mistresses are so well-known that his own Secret Service detail knows when to remove The Energizer from the premises at Chappaqua so that Her Imperial Royal Thighness will not arrive home to find them.

* A man who even the most ardent FemiNazis (like NOW circa 1999) will now admit is a serial womanizer.

* This is the very same man that Her Imperial Royal Thighness, Hillary Rodham Clinton, wants to join her on the campaign trail to help lie about a non-existent #WarOnWomen supposedly being waged by Republicans, Conservatives, and libertarians.

If the present generation can demand that symbols of racism, colonialization, imperialism, and slavery must be removed from society, what is going to stop a future generation from demanding that the sexist, serial sexual harasser, sexual assaulter, rapist, philanderer, William Jefferson Clinton, shouldn’t be erased (wiped with or without a cloth) from history?

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PS: Clinton Defenders, this is what Democratic insiders think of you:


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