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07 April 2015

Celebrate #Voxversity: Former Benetton Kids Become 'The United Monochromes of Vox'

#Voxsplaining, the new word for #Whitesplaining!

Oh, the Huminority!  This photo of Vox's staff looks like it was taken at a 'White Privilege Summer Camp.'  Little known fact: All of them are wearing this...

So, it's all good...especially if they've purchased their offsetting carbon social justice credits!

But shouldn't some of Vox's staff give their jobs to African-Americans for 'purposes of fairness'?

Axe: Somebody's gonna have to whitesplain this for me.

Me: Whitesplain' with a white man's overbite should be a crime against nature.  See: Ezra Klein, Matt Yglesias, and Max Blumenthal.


Barred said...

I think I see a black...

Stuck way in the back. :)

Sophie Ro, PHUP said...

Aaah, the Rosa Parks of Vox.