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19 February 2015

No Nuance Needed: The President of Uruguay Just Demolished Marie Harf's #Jobs4Jihadis Argument

Obama, Harf & Friends:

'All these people need are good job opportunities!'

Uruguayan President:


David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog 

“ISIL doesn’t represent Islam.” – Barack Obama (JD Harvard) 

“Yes we do.” – ISIL Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (PhD Theology Islamic U of Iraq) 

5:51 PM – 18 Feb 2015

Hey, Marie! Legally Blonde was a movie.

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Didja know that raising taxes will never result in Utopia?  Over to you, Barack Obama State Department:

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'You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.' 

- Leon Trotsky

And, who's up for some BDS...

Howard Fineman        ✔ @howardfineman

#Rumsfeld is back on #Fox. Another #Bush is running. #AmericanSniper is killing. Somewhere they're painting a Mission Accomplished banner.

4:21 PM - 18 Feb 2015


Sophie Ro ‏@SophieRo3

An Ambassador has been killed.

Americans are fleeing embassies.

Ayatollahs are threatening.

Somewhere Libs are painting a #PartyLikeIts1979 banner.


According to Barack Obama and Marie Harf: 

Islamists aren’t Muslims. 

Jews are just ‘random folks’. 

Beheaded Christians are just ‘citizens.’ 

But, Joseph Kony is a ‘Christian.’ 

BTW: Copenhagen Terrorist Pledged Allegiance to Islamic State 

Obama can’t or doesn’t even want to win a ‘War against ISIS.’ 

Obama can’t or doesn’t even want to win a ‘War against Putin.’ 

Obama can’t or doesn’t even want to win a ‘War against the Ayatollahs.’ 

So, he is engaging in the wars that he thinks he can win:

The ‘War Against Words.’ 

The ‘War Against The Mythical Anti-Muslim Army.’ 

He’s picking his shots and his choices tell us everything.

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