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31 October 2014

Senator Landrieu, See You Next Tuesday!

Louisiana Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu said Thursday that the issue of race is a major reason that President Barack Obama has struggled politically in Southern states.

‘I’ll be very, very honest with you. The South has not always been the friendliest place for African-Americans,’ Landrieu told NBC News in an interview. ‘It’s been a difficult time for the president to present himself in a very positive light as a leader.’

Noting that the South is ‘more of a conservative place,’ she added that women have also faced challenges in ‘presenting ourselves.’

Cupid Stunt:

1. You supported The Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Act of 2009.

2. You voted for and still support the deeply-unpopular Obamacare (‘If I had to vote for the bill again, I would vote for it tomorrow.’) and even slammed your own country by saying: ‘It’s embarrassing to me to go to places like France and Spain … and their workers all manage to have health insurance that can’t be taken away.’

Have you checked out what is going on with the French and Spanish health programmes lately?

3. You support gun control.

4. You support illegal immigration (‘dumb fence’).

5. You supported Dudd-Frankenstein.

6. You supported Cash-for-Clunkers.

7. You supported Cash-for-Caulkers.

8. You supported Obama/Hillary/Susan/Samantha’s Most Excellent Libyan Adventure thereby creating ‘Somalia on the Mediterranean.’

9. You voted for and still support the radical, race-hustlers, Eric Holder and Thomas Perez.

10. You voted to make Harry Reid the Senate Majority Leader, not once, but twice, even though he HATES the oil and gas industry. Your PAC even gave him money during his 2010 re-election.

11. You voted, over the objections of Louisiana voters, to put Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan on the Supreme Court.

12. You have voted, repeatedly, to raise the debt ceiling…under Obama, ‘natch.

13. You have stood by as Obama and his administration has constantly flouted and broken the law. In fact, you’ve defended it because ‘We can’t wait!’  Damn the Constitution!

14. Even though you claim to be ‘pro-life’, you have a career 24.5% voting record with the National Right to Life Committee and have voted with Democrats against pro-life legislation 99% since 2008, your last reelection. You support taxpayer-funded abortion, which is overwhelmingly disapproved of in your state, which, incidentally, is 90% Christian, including 30% Roman Catholic and an equal or larger evangelical population.

‘Sen. Landrieu believes that life is precious and a gift from God, but that every birth involves at least two lives: the life of the unborn child and the life of the mother. The government should not be involved in forcing decisions that are very personal and essentially family — and private — matters,' Landrieu spokesman Matthew Lehner said in a statement.

I guess all life is precious and a gift from God, but some life is more precious and a greater gift from God than others.

15. You don’t even live in the state and certainly fail to pay property taxes in New Orleans, which is where your parents’ live and you so-called ‘official’ address, which deprives the overwhelmingly black public school system of much-needed financial support.

16. Recently, when told, correctly, in a debate that Social Security benefits would have to be dramatically cut in 15 years unless the programme underwent a massive overhaul and restructuring, you said that you would never raise the retirement age (even though Americans are living longer than they were when the programme started) and ‘save’ Social Security by raising taxes on millionaires and businesses. Of course, raising taxes on millionaires and businesses would reduce the number of employees paying taxes into the system, but the unemployed can always be used to plant ‘Money Tree’ seeds.

Then, you played the race card by claiming that your opponent, Cassidy, would vote to deny poor black people in Madison Parish, who only have a life expectancy of 70, the very chance to retire or something. I guess the black people of Madison Parish will have to retire on substantially smaller Social Security cheques in 15 years, when the cost of living will, inevitably, be much higher, because that’s showing them some love or something.

17. Since your election to the Senate in 1996, black unemployment has doubled and the poverty rate has skyrocketed. What have you done for them lately?

18. If you win, it will only be because of your brother’s ‘GOTV’ efforts (~wink, ~wink) in New Orleans.

19. You are ignorant (‘South Dakota shares a border with Canada’).

20. When not embarrassing them, you constantly insult the voters of Louisiana.

21. The voters of Louisiana, who elected a minority as their governor, not once, but twice, love being called racists by a white liberal, who lives in a $2.5 million manse in Washington.

22. The voters of Louisiana, who have thrice elected you as Senator, are so sexist, why did they elect Kathleen Babineaux Blanco of Hurricane Katrina infamy as their Governor in 2003?

23. You twice voted to elect the man with the most liberal voting record in the Senate as President of the United States.

Those of just a few of the answers to your question, ‘Why wouldn’t Louisianans support me?’

They have nothing to do with the President’s skin colour or your uterus.

‘To win, Landrieu would need a rollicking black turnout, 95 percent of the vote—as she always got—and a little more than 30 percent of the white vote. Polls have her falling short of that, but if the black vote became just a little less monolithic, she’d have no path to victory whatsoever.’

‘If we convert 10 percent of the black vote, I will drink champagne that night.’

- Senator Elbert Guillory, Elbert Guillory Knows the Math in Louisiana, 23 October 2014

Senator Landrieu, you once said:

‘If they (voters) do not like it, they can unelect us (Obama Democrats). Believe me, they will have a great chance because I am up for reelection right now.’

Here’s hoping that they do just that!

‘Mary Landrieu first ran for Senate promising to be a champion for black people. While you scrounge together food stamps to buy Kool-Aid, she sips champagne at cocktail parties. Let’s send her back home to her father’s house, or to her mansion in D.C., or to wherever the heck she lives.’

- Senate Elbert Gillory

Since 1979, the 'racists and sexists' of Louisiana have elected her to office every single time save one: when she was defeated by Mike Foster in 1995 in the gubernatorial election.  The following year, the 'racist and sexist' voters of Louisiana elected Mary Landrieu to the first of her, so far and hopefully only, three terms of office.

See You Next Tuesday, Senator!


‘You’re with the conservative side: the side that opposed all civil rights legislation’

- urban elitist on October 31, 2014 at 10:54 AM

Who knew that LBJ, JFK and RFK were ‘conservatives’?

‘This civil rights program about which you have heard so much is a farce and a sham–an effort to set up a police state in the guise of liberty. I am opposed to that program. I fought it in the Congress. It is the province of the state to run its own elections. I am opposed to the anti-lynching bill because the Federal Government has no business enacting a law against one kind of murder than another…(And) if a man can tell you who you must hire, he can tell you who not to employ. I have met this head on.’

Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson, Austin, Texas, 22 May 1948

‘[T]here was a lot of feeling that the Negroes didn’t know exactly what they wanted and that they were not very well led.’

- Robert F Kennedy, in an interview with Anthony Lewis, 4 December 1964

Please note that the leader to whom RFK referred was none other than Martin Luther King.

Here’s some more you might like:

We weren’t thinking of the Negroes in Mississippi or Alabama – what should be done for them. We were thinking of what needed to be done in Massachusetts.’

- Robert F Kennedy, 4 December 1964

I didn’t lose much sleep about Negroes. I didn’t think about them much.’

– Robert Kennedy, A Memoir

Now, riddle me these, Yoda:

Why did President Kennedy fire Harris Wofford as his Special Assistant for Civil Rights and chairman of the Subcabinet Group on Civil Rights in 1962?

Why did the Progressive, forward thinking, champion of civil rights in liberal New England, John F Kennedy, vote against the Civil Rights Act of 1957 of President Eisenhower, a Republican?

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