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17 September 2014

PA Trooper Shooter ~> Che Guevara + Soviet Red Army + Cop Hater + Survivalist = RWNJ???


Before the Usual Suspects show up and start screaming 'PA Police Shooter is a Right-Wing Survivalist, who is probably a Tea Gabber/Bagger leader...


As we reported earlier, PA authorities have named Eric Matthew Frein as the suspect in the ambush slaying of one trooper and the wounding of another. Frein is currently on the loose and according to the police, is considered to be armed and dangerous. Police note that he made prior statements against law enforcement, but police have not noted the specifics on those statements as of yet.

Some stories have identified him as a “survivalist”, which some immediately are translating to “right wing nut”.

As with most things, best not to jump to conclusions till all the evidence is in.

In this case, it is clear from Frein’s MySpace account that he was an active participant in an Airsoft group, practicing shooting. There are a lot of connections to other Airsoft players.

There is also a connection to Che Guevara and 13th Guards. 13th Guards was a Soviet Red Army rifle division, also referenced on Call of Duty. 

Avatar on the Che account:


Avatar on the 13th Guards:

300x300 (1)

Does that mean he is definitely a Leftist? No. But being a “survivalist”, if in fact he was one, doesn’t by itself qualify him as “right-wing” either. 

I'm sure that Markos Moulitas, Paul Krugman, Charles P Pierce, and Brian Ross will get to the bottom of this in a fair, just, and equitable manner...just like they did the last time...

Mr & Ms Progressive, I Think That You Already Know Monsieur Petard, But Please Allow Me To Introduce You To Your Hoist


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