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16 September 2014

A FIELD ORGANISER For The WEST VIRGINIA DEMOCRATIC PARTY Poses In Keffiyeh With What Appears To Be AK47, Posts Pro-Terrorist, Anti-Israel Rants On Social Media


In addition to being a Field Organizer for the West Virginia Democratic Party, Collin Peterson is also a staffer for Rep. Nick Rahall, D-West Virginia. Absolutely no issue with him holding a rifle, but a big lot of issue with him appearing to “play terrorist” and post other pro-terrorist imagery:

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Perhaps Peterson’s opinion was in part formed by the Islam class he took at Randolph Macon College. Here’s Collin talking about how excited he was:

'And I’m really excited for Islam. I’ve wanted to study it and thought about just taking Western Religions but decided not to I am so burned out of learning about Judaism and Christianity. So, I’m really excited they offered. Couldn’t fit Buddhism in which is disappointing but I studied it in Eastern religions so I got it covered!'

Representative Rahall looks like he might have no issue with a staffer holding such views, having himself attacked Israel.

Nick Rahall is the most senior Arab-American member in the House. He is of Lebanese descent. He has spoken out in the past in support of Palestine, “Israel can’t continue to occupy, humiliate and destroy the dreams and spirits of the Palestinian people and continue to call itself a democratic state.” Rahall was the only member of the House to oppose the 1993 resolution for an end to the Arab boycott of Israel. Rahall’s sister has been a lobbyist for Qatar.

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