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02 October 2013

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Predictable-History said...

‘Because this massive accumulation of debt was predicted, because it was foreseeable, because it was unnecessary, because it was the result of willful and reckless disregard for the warnings that were given and for the fundamentals of economic management, I am voting against the debt limit increase.’

- Senator Joe Biden, 2006

Predictable-History said...

Do you know how many times Chuck Schumer voted against raising the national debt ceiling?

If you answered ‘four times’ to the question posed in the headline above, you are either spending way too much time in the Congressional Record, or you have superb research and recall skills! Let’s just assume it’s the latter.

For the record, here are the four occasions, as documented by congressional records.

H.R. 2015, Roll Call Vote #241: Passed 270-162, 06.25.97.

Schumer Voted Nay

• H.J. Res. 51, Roll Call Vote #202: Passed 53-44, 05.23.03.

Schumer Voted Nay

• S. 2986, Roll Call Vote #213: Passed 52-44, 11.07.04

Schumer Voted Nay

• H.J. Res. 47, Roll Call Vote #54: Passed 52-48, 03.16.06.

Schumer Voted Nay

‘Biking through New York’s boroughs in 2005, I thought about some old friends, Joe and Eileen Bailey. Though they are imaginary, I frequently talk to them.’

- Senator Charles Schumer

I think that Joe and Eileen Bailey speak to Chucky and tell him not to vote to raise the debt ceiling limit when a Republican is in the WH or the GOP controls Congress.

I mean, seriously, who wants to risk going against the wishes OF IMAGINARY PEOPLE?

Doo-doo-DOO-doo! Doo-doo-DOO-doo

Predictable-History said...

We can't forget that the Fed is monetising the debt and pumping $85 billion digitised dollars into the economy every month.

Predictable-History said...

I don’t put any credence in what he says, but you have to use his statements against him…to demonstrate his hypocrisy to those that don’t pay much attention.

If I were the RNC, Heritage, etc, I’d start running ads comparing and contrasting what he said about the debt ceiling in 2006 and the debt in 2008 with what he is saying now AND showing how much debt he has added in 1,717 days.

Average Americans don’t realise that he has added more than $6.2 trillion in his brief time compared to $4.9 trillion in Bush’s 8 years. They need to be made to understand why the debt is a silent tax on them and flatout child abuse, considering ‘The Children’ will be stuck with an astronomical debt, a debaunched currency, and a lower standard of living…all without representation. People still comprehend taxation without representation. What the Federal government and the Federal Reserve are doing to this country’s future and that of its citizens is treasonous.

This is the point where Americans have to decide whether they want to be the first generation that will not bequeath to their heirs a higher standard of living and more financial stability.

If they choose wrongly, they will sentence their children to the chronic malaise of Europe or worse.

Predictable-History said...

‘If my Republican friends believe that increasing our debt by almost $800 billion today and more than $3 trillion over the last five years is the right thing to do, they should be upfront about it. They should explain why they think more debt is good for the economy.

How can the Republican majority in this Congress explain to their constituents that trillions of dollars in new debt is good for our economy? How can they explain that they think it’s fair to force our children, our grandchildren, our great grandchildren to finance this debt through higher taxes. That’s what it will have to be. Why is it right to increase our nation’s dependence on foreign creditors?

They should explain this. Maybe they can convince the public they’re right. I doubt it. Because most Americans know that increasing debt is the last thing we should be doing. After all, I repeat, the Baby Boomers are about to retire. Under the circumstances, any credible economist would tell you we should be reducing debt, not increasing it. Democrats won’t be making argument to supper this legalization, which will weaken our country. Weaken our county.’

- Senator Harry Reid, 2006