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05 October 2013

Pics of the Day: Bend Off And Get Ready Because Here I Come...As Hard As I Can

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A scenic overlook at Mount Rushmore.  Please note that the road remains open.  The overlook is never manned and is merely an apron.

But, MrAssHO! really just wants to give you one right up the ass.  It doesn't matter how much it hurts you or even Progressive Democrats as long as he can take a shot at his opponents.

This is just petty.  I don't care who you are.  Of course, what else have we come to expect of King Barack Canute Obama?

Going out of his way to make it as painful as possible...on everyone.

Oh, and it's almost as if the White House reads BigFurHat's blog.  From a few days ago...


PS:   Today, the House UNANIMOUSLY voted to give back pay to furloughed Federal workers. The Senate was supposed to vote on the bill this afternoon, but then Harry Reid shut that whole thing down and adjourned the Senate.

I am not particularly sympathetic to most government employees because I think they are pampered and superfluous. That said, I don’t really have a problem with paying them since this clusterfark isn’t their fault – although there are a lot of assh0les that should just be terminated, especially some of the pr1cks in the IRS and NPS.

The thing about the backpay bill is it puts Harry Reid and Senate Democrats in a tricky situation. If even Nancy Pelosi was willing to vote for a bill to pay the workers, how can Harry not permit the Senate to vote on it?

How are Federal workers going to feel about that when they learn that the reason there hasn’t been a bill passed to pay them is because of Mr No…Harry Reid?

Shoe. Other foot. Some assembly required.

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Anonymous said...

Don't feel sorry for gov. workers. They're mostly deadbeats and free-loaders who don't like working in the real world. I've worked with them. 75% useless.