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22 July 2013

The Royal Birth (Updated: His Royal Highness, The Prince of Cambridge)

His Royal Highness, The Prince of Cambridge

M2RB: Hail Britannia

This is how the announcement will go:

William will call the Queen…unless it is in the middle of the night.

Home Secretary Theresa May will be outside of the labour facilities. I could be worse. They used to haul much of the court into the birthing room to ensure that there was no changeling. Once Mrs May receives the birth certificate, she will notify certain officials including the Lord Mayor of London, the Governors of Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Next, the ‘senior members’ of the royal family and the Middletons will be told, but only after the Queen unless they have learned because they were in the delivery room, such as Mrs Middleton.

Staffers at Clarence House will alert the heads of states throughout the Commonwealth. They may also release the news via social media just prior to the placement of the placard at Buckingham Palace.

The announcement of the baby’s birth will be via a placard placed on a gold-painted wooden or elabourate bronze easel in front of Bucks.

The placard will the parents, give the sex, the baby’s weight and time of birth. It will be signed by the two attending physicians, the Queen’s former gynaecologist, Marcus Setchell, and Alan Farthing, who’s also a consultant at St. Mary’s and the official surgeon-gynecologist to Queen Elizabeth II and the royal household 2 plus witnesses.

Once the placard is in place, a 41-gun salute is expected to take place shortly later.

You may see William and other Royals today, but you will not see William, Catherine and the baby until tomorrow.

Top 4 boys names:

* James (last James was run out of town in the Glorious Revolution)

* George: The Queen’s father was George VI)

* William: William the Conqueror, last William IV was Charlotte’s father; the death of both gave us Queen Victoria.

* Phillip: For HM’s husband, but not for the last King Philip II of the UK was married to Bloody Mary)

John will not be the first name because of a family jinx. Bad King John and Prince John – youngest child of Britain’s King George V and Queen Mary, who suffered from seizures and died at the age of 13 in 1919.

Top 3 girls names:

* Victoria: Obvious

* Alexandra: (Edward VII’s wife and Elizabeth II’s middle name)

* Charlotte: The ill-starred daughter of George IV, married Leopold I of Belgium, but died in childbirth. She would have acceded her father to the throne of GB if she had not died. 

Diana will not be the name although it will almost certainly be a middle name.

You will probably see Wills and Katherine leave the hospital with their baby long before you learn the name. It took Prince Charles and Princess Diana a week to announce the name of their first child, William Arthur Philip Louis, and his brother had to wait ten days to learn the name of Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Walws10 days.

Her Majesty, the Queen, must approve of the name.  Regardless of the gender, there will be no surprise names. All will bear great historical weight and meaning.

But nothing is as look as the Danish, the names are not released until Christening, which can be anywhere from 3-6 months TODAY. They were longer when infant mortality was higher.

UPDATE:  It's a boy!  8 pounds, 6 ounces.  Born at  4:24 p.m

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