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05 May 2013

Fruitcakes, Loonies, And Closet Racists? Muffin Cameron's Talking About YOU!

Prime Minister David Cameron is accused of 'secretly despising his own supporters'

By Peter Hitchens

It is now just a matter of time before the Tory Party dies. This is not a moment too soon. For far too long this futile and fraudulent body has stolen the votes of conservative patriots.

For far too long Tory leaders have secretly despised their own supporters.

When David Cameron described UKIP voters as ‘fruitcakes and closet racists’, he was actually giving his true opinion of the men and women who have kept his own party alive.

Since then, he has shown by his every action that he loathes what is left of conservative Britain, and that none of his promises is worth anything.

If there is ever a monument to him, it should be made of cast-iron, brittle and prone to rust away, like his broken pledges.

Now that Tory voters have at last realised that he hates them, they are deserting him.

Some may come back, in the vain belief that the Tories can win the next General Election – or indeed, any General Election, ever again. But plenty more are gone for good.

As I wrote here three years ago: ‘I beg and plead with you not to fall for the shimmering, greasy, cynical fraud which is the Cameron project. You will hate yourself for it in time if you do.’

Of his various promises, I wrote: ‘These “guarantees” fly from his lips whenever he needs to please a crowd, but they are less valuable than Greek junk bonds.’

At that time, shockingly biased and misleading media reporting had suggested falsely that the Tories might win the 2010 Election. Anyone who read the actual poll figures knew they hadn’t a hope.

And a savage campaign of personal denigration had been directed against Gordon Brown, as a substitute for anything resembling a conservative manifesto.

So there was some excuse for continuing to vote Tory. Now there is none. Tory stalwarts have not voted for UKIP because they love Nigel Farage – I think he is a charming charlatan myself, and his party a rickety jalopy bolted together in a garden shed. They have voted UKIP to punish the Tories for many years of betrayal and deceit.

But it goes much deeper than that. Tory voters were, until now, deeply loyal. They thought it was part of their creed. They would flock to the colours at the trumpet’s call, however little they liked it, because it was their duty.

But the Tory leaders have been disloyal to their rank and file, and that old, deep magic has finally failed. That is why the Tories are done for. Once loyalty is gone, it is all too easy to see that the party machine is wretched, decrepit, exhausted and broke; and to see that the party leadership is dishonest, cynical and careerist.

I do not know how many elections it will take, but the chance will soon be here to build something much better. Let us hope we take it, for if we do not save ourselves, nobody else will do it for us.

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