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18 December 2012

Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Progs: Which One Was Banned Under The Old AWB?

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Happiness is a warm gun.

OK, Progs.  You talk a big game about "automatic" weapons, "semi-automatic" weapons, and "assault weapons," let's see how much you really know not that it will stop you from talking about the subject (and, Wilma, you don't get to play and see below for the reason):

Under the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban a/k/a The Prohibition On Certain Guns With Cosmetic Changes That Make Them Look Skeery And Are Painted Skeery (And Racist!) Black Act of 1994, which one was illegal:




Answer:   B.  


Both are AR-15-pattern rifles that came off the same assembly line, fire the exact same ammunition, and use the same magazines....BUT the rifle on the bottom has a small bit of metal under the front sight to which a bayonet could attach and a small vented tube on the end of the barrel that redirects unburned gases.
Will you feel safer when B is banned, but A is still legal?

I know, I know.  Doing ANYTHING even if it does NOTHING = Peace of Mind.

Of course, it doesn't explain why the murder rate is lower now than it was during ANY of the years that the AWB was in effect, but you "felt" like you were "doing something" back then...even though your efforts had the perverse effect of creating demand for the very type of weapons that you didn't want people to have.  Pure  genius in the category of "unintended consequences."  Bravo!

Prior to the introduction of the AWB legislation in 1994, demand for the firearms that became the subject of the ban was relatively light. The public’s interest was piqued, and sales skyrocketed, directly as a result of the law. These firearms had almost no statistical representation in crimes, which the National Institute of Justice admitted, and interest in them grew both before the ban and after it was enacted. One of the unintended consequences of the law was that these firearms that had had a small role at the fringes of the marketplace were suddenly desired by millions.

The assault weapons ban didn’t reduce the number of military-style semi-automatic firearms. It greatly increased their numbers, their public acceptance, and had the effect of mainstreaming them, “pre-ban” rifles and cosmetically de-enhanced “post-ban” rifles alike. Thanks to the “ban,” AR-15 pattern rifles are now among the most popular rifles in America, and have been mainstreamed even among the change-resistant hunting fraternity as “modern sporting rifles.”



"Let's see. the shooter in Conn had his pick of 5 different firearms (anyone other than a drug kingpin needs 5 firearms for self-defense?).  He didn't choose the hunting rifles.  He chose the semi-automatic rifle and pistols."

- Wilma

So, are you claiming that hunting rifles aren't semi-automatics? LOL

Top 5 Semi-Automatic Deer/Big Game Hunting Rifles

Shouldn't you LEARN about weapons before you start deciding what you are going to "permit" other people to have?

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