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02 January 2000

They Pretend They're "Sane And Rational." We Pretend They're Relevant.

As Charles C.W. Cooke wrote in his instant classic about the Circus of Freaks down in Zuccotti Park, "nothing had prepared me for meeting this gentleman, who wants his college paid for because, well . . . that’s what he wants. He has perfectly articulated a sentiment I have heard repeatedly but was struggling to distill with anything like the clarity he achieved: That being that if there is something someone doesn’t like about their life, someone else somewhere should change it. And if they don’t, well then, the American Dream is dead":

Occupy Wall Street Protester Wants College Paid For Because That's What He Wants

9/11 Truther at Occupy Wall Street Protest Says Capitalism is a "Pathology"  




One "protester" gets pretty close to the mark with his amusing sign, "I Hate Stuff, Too!" and admits that the Occupy Wall Street movement lacks a coherent purpose or aim.



Occupy Wall Street Protester in East German Military Uniform Calls for 'Class Warfare' 





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