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16 September 2011

The Hero and The Narcissist

Yesterday, I could not help but be struck by the overwhelming irony and striking dichotomy of one of the most narcissistic people to ever walk on this planet fastening the Medal of Honour around the neck of a "non-hero" hero.  

"Some people wonder all their lives if they've made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem."
- Ronald Reagan

Marine Corporal Dakota Meyer (Ret.):  "I am not a hero.  5 didn't come out alive."

He went into an ambush in Afghanistan five times where there were 50 Taliban fighters, killed 8, and rescued 36 men out of 41, including 13 Marines and Army soldiers and an additional 23 Afghan troops, who were pinned down by withering enemy fire.

President Barack Obama:  "If you love me, you've got to help me pass this bill."

He is a millionaire while those in poverty is at the highest in 50 years.  Real unemployment is at depression levels.  Inflation and deflating wages are eroding the standard of living for too many Americans.  The Middle East is reforming the Ottoman Caliphate.  Europe is on the brink.  China is becoming very dangerous.  Class warfare and identity politics have Balkanised the country.  In the meantime, he and his wife engage in a high-falutin' lifestyle that at the expense of the taxpayer that would be one thing in good times, but is an affront in bad.

"America's greatest 'Peace Corps' is the Marine Corps."
- Anonymous

Both are/were employed by the government, but only one truly knows what it means to be a "public servant."  One of the "public servants" actually served the public and is humble about his heroism, which he considers to be just part of "doing his job," the other public employee makes everything about "Me, Me, Me!"

According to ABC News, in the last week, President Obama has used a variation of the phrase "Pass this bill!" over 100 times.

The American Jobs Act is a cynical ploy that is focused on only ONE job: Obama's.  Harry Reid has even said that the Senate will not be acting on it anytime soon.  Twenty Democrats in the oppose it because it has the same old shit that couldn't pass when he had a filibuster-proof Senate - and let's just remember that only Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Carter, and Obama have had filibuster-proof Senates for any period of time.

Obama knows that the Republicans won't pass the bill in the House because it would require them to go against the will of Americans and massively raise taxes on small business owners, thereby insuring increased unemployment.  He wants to use Truman's 1948 playbook and run against a "Do-Nothing Congress," but Republicans do not control Congress.  They merely control one chamber of Congress and Senate Democrats have 23 seats up in 2012.  There is no way that Senators like Ben Nelson, Bill Nelson, etc., will vote to raise taxes.  None.  Harry Reid knows this.  Barack Obama evidently doesn't or just doesn't care about the jobs of those Democrats in the Senate.  Again, he is concerned with HIS job.

It's not about the 15 million unemployed Americans or the 1 in 5 children that are living in poverty. It's all about him and it is disgusting.  When you have lost 2.5 million jobs since you signed the nearly $1 trillion  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Stimulus Act of 2009 when you promised that it would create 2.5 million, what's 23 more lost jobs when you can "save or create" your own?

If anyone has a right to be braggadocios, it is Dakota Meyer.

If anyone has a right to stick his nose into the air, it is Dakota Meyer.

If anyone has a right to think of himself, it is Dakota Meyer.

He is a real hero.  Barack Obama is not.

In this day and age, when we have people that will fake balloon "kidnappings," crash state dinners at the WH, and make fools of themselves to become internet sensations, not to mention one of the most narcissistic people to ever hold the Office of the Presidency, the fact that Cpl. Meyer is so humble is also quite remarkable.

When the White House called Dakota Meyer to tell him that the President would be calling him at work, he first said that would not be a good idea because he would be working, but they said he would call on his lunch hour.  The White House then asked if there was anything that Cpl. Meyer would like while he was in Washington.  He said, "Yes, I would like to have a beer with the Commander in Chief."  To his credit, Barack Obama did just that.  Let us hope that, the wiser of the two gave the other some lessons on humility and self-sacrifice.

Thank you for your service, Dakota Meyer.  You are a shining example of courage, honour and integrity.  Your country is indebted to you.

Semper Fi, indeed!

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