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22 December 2014

As Always, It's All About Al

Note that the ‘death threat’ was left on his personal cellphone…’cuz, like, um, ya know, everyone has Rev Al’s private number.

I would not be the least bit shocked if he has his own people making those ‘threats’. ‘Hoax’ is synonymous with ‘Sharpton’.

Sharpton knows that his ‘Movement’ died on Saturday and his only option is to try to divide the sympathy and claim some of it for himself.

Despicable, vile piece of shit.

As I have been telling them since OWS, they failed in ’68 and they will fail now. In fact, the Left helped elect Richard Nixon, who ran on a ‘law and order’ platform.

People were beginning to get very perturbed with this current ‘Movement’ weeks ago, but any sympathy the average American may have had for it died on Saturday.

Did Sharpton kill Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu? No and neither did deBlasio, Holder, and Obama.

BUT, they have systematically condemned the nation’s police force and labeled every cop as racist with the lie that police were hunting black kids. They claimed that Mike Brown and Eric Garner were killed because they were black. They indicted all cops as racists. They created a climate of hate, which allows some people to believe they are justified in killing cops.

Al may not fade away, but his standing, as it may have been, was seriously damaged on Saturday. He may claim to be for ‘peaceful protests’, but his (and others) failure to condemn rioting and calls for violence cannot be forgotten or taken out of the equation.

‘If you allow Al Sharpton to stand next to you, the police can rightfully believe that you are anti-police.’ 

- Rudy Guiliani, today 

Al Sharpton is the black David Duke. 

Can you imagine what the media would be saying if a Republican POTUS invited David Duke to the White House 83 times?

Recently, Obama said, ‘Power concedes nothing without a fight, that’s true , but it’s also true that a country’s conscious has to be triggered by some inconvenience.’

Well, to him, Sharpton and the others, I say the families of Officers Ramos and Liu have been left with more than ‘some inconvenience.’

Please remember to give thanks for the sacrifices made by these two officers, who were:

Assassinated for their colour:  Blue

Of interest, there are dueling petitions calling for resignations of Comrade de Blasio and PBA Pat Lynch.  The current signature totals:

de Blasio: 58,154

Lynch: 227

I guess Blue is the new Black.

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