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30 May 2014

The Absolutely Stunning Hypocrisy Of Nancy Pelosi

From Ace:

Interesting comparison of Pelosi's reaction to two different scandals, only one of which actually has a body count.

Nancy Pelosi on 4 May 2004:

'The revelation of grotesque behavior by soldiers in Iraq is not only disgraceful and damaging to the interests of the United States, it also endangers our men and women in uniform, the vast majority of whom are courageously performing their duties. The shameful mistreatment of prisoners in Iraq is unacceptable and must be investigated thoroughly.

Among the questions that must be answered are: Was this an isolated incident? Were personnel trained adequately to do the jobs to which they were assigned? When did senior leadership of the Department of Defense learn of these allegations? Was their response timely and did it reflect the seriousness of this situation?

We must have a full investigation to get to the bottom of this outrage.'

Nancy Pelosi on 28 May 2014:

'Well, I think any time that our men and women in uniform are not served in the manner in which they deserve, you could perhaps call it a scandal because it's scandalous that they're not. Whether it is a scandal with intention and the rest of that, the evidence remains to be seen.  But the fact is that they haven't been served worthy of their sacrifice or their role in our country.'

Maerose Prizzi really is a disgusting hack.


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