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05 April 2014

Dingy Harry's Nasty Koch Habit

Along with a litany of unsupportable accusations and smears, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D - WTF Is In Nevada's Water?) accused the Koch Brothers of aiding and abetting Putin’s invasion and subsequent conquer of Crimea, along with preventing the US from delivering a $1 billion loan guarantee. Insane McVain, another old, demented fool, made a speech on the floor condemning his ‘disgraceful’ party for not coming to the aid of the Ukrainians. 

Problem was: The House had already passed a ‘clean’ bill. The Senate’s version included IMF ‘reforms’ that the White House had been trying to get passed since 2010. If you are asking why they haven’t been able to get the reforms passed in the previous 3 years, it might just be because they would see the role of the United States in the IMF diminished while increasing our financial contributions.
It was Harry Reid, who was holding up passage, and the revolting Sen Way-Past-Sell-By-Date from Arizona was played like a Stradivarius and, once again, berated the wrong people.

The Koch Brothers, the Tea Party, the ‘Hobbits,’ Ted Cruz/Rand Paul/Mike Lee, Americans for Prosperity, Republicans, Libertarians, Conservatives, nor the Crimean-American baker down on the high street were preventing the passage of the aid package. Harry Reid and Barack Obama were. They figured that, since no one would want to deny help to the Ukrainians, they would go ahead and add an Amendment that would, yet again, be harmful to America and bring her down a few notches. 

While Reid may be able to hide behind the Speech & Debate Clause when he is on the Senate floor, he doesn’t have that protection elsewhere, including what he writes on his website or in mailings. The Koch Brothers have the many billions of dollars to make Dingy Harry’s life a living hell, if they so choose. I don’t even think Reid would find much solace in New York Times v Sullivan because I think that his actual malice towards the Koch Brothers is clear, present, and convincing.
As for Insane McVain, once again he finds himself on the wrong side of history while spewing the most vicious of venom at those in the right.

I am not one that celebrates deaths of people and found the display following Baroness Thatcher’s passing hateful, disgraceful and undignified. Hell, even Shirley Temple got it good by many on the Left, who called her a racist for making black men dance with her in her movies…as though a 6 year-old was in charge of productions at 20th Century Fox.

When both Dingy and Insane keel over for the last time, I can only hope that I will be able to contain my glee and, at least, not appear like the savages on the Left. I must admit, however, that it will likely take enormous willpower since I consider both these men to be traitors to the Republic and the Constitution.



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