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09 August 2013

The Reason That The GOPe Is Balking At Defunding/Delaying Obamacare

This is my working theory.  Your mileage may vary...

The reason that the GOPe is balking at defunding Obamacare is part a fear of losing their jobs, but also another part of their new Hispandering effort.

They want to pass immigration reform because, well, you know, like all of those Hispanics are naturally conservatives…not to mention they provide cheap labour for our big corporate donors.

Now, what does passing immigration reform have to do with voting not to defund Obamacare?

Guess which group most approves of Obamacare?

If you said Conservatives, African-Americans, Libertarians, Union Workers, young Progressives, blue collar voters, etc, well you’re wrong.

Of all groups, Hispanics support Obamacare the most.

As I wrote some time ago, if Republicans are going to Hispander in hopes of cutting into the Democrats’ iron grip on the group, which they’ve had for like forever and I mean forevah, then passing immigration reform will not cut it – just as it didn’t in the past.

What might, at least in the minds of the GOPe?

Becoming more Progressive and supporting Big Government programmes like Obamacare, which Hispanics love.

How do you say ‘rabbits’ in Spanish?

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