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14 January 2015

How Far Are You Willing To Go In Order Not To Offend?

Well, folks, it appears that we are rapidly approaching the 'End Times' of Western civilisation.  No, radical Muslims aren't about to cut off all of our heads.  Rather, the West is hell-bent on committing collective suicide.

First up:

While interviewing one of the surviving journalists from Charlie Hebdo, SkyNews cut her off when she tried to hold up a copy of the latest cover.

Hey SkyNews, do you know what Islamists don’t like either? Your female presenters appearing on the telly uncovered. If you think they will be appeased by your self-censorship of ProMo ‘toons, you are bloody nuts!


Rachel Maddow of MSNBC is willing to show this:

...but not this:

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Now, here's some first-class 'Multi-Kulti' idiocy (via Twitchy):

Oxford University Press made itself a laughingstock recently by issuing guidelines directing writers to avoid mentioning anything pork, sausage, or bacon related so that Muslims and Jews are not offended by their books. Really? Maybe back off on the political correctness just a touch. According to International Business Times the guidelines were deemed ludicrous by some Muslims and Jews.

As @johannalapp asked:

How can we teach kosher and halal law about "the meat that dare not speak its name?"

About the same way we will be teaching sexual assault law: We won't or we will be required to issue 'trigger warnings'.  Feelings.

Charles C.W.Cooke asks of his alma mater:

View image on Twitter

So, guess you can't write about this bacon pig sculpture at Oxford anymore?


Finally, returning to the submission of SkyNews, what would we do without Dhimmi Ned Pepper?

'Good decision by Sky News. Just because you have the right to offend somebody, does not mean you should offens (sic) somebody.'

Ned Pepper on January 14, 2015 at 5:11 PM

Lots of things offend people for numerous reasons. This is especially true with Islamists. How far are you willing to go to not offend them? 

Do you have a mum, sister, or friend that identifies as female? 

If so, should she be made to cover herself because some Muslims find it offensive? 

Do you like pork? 

If so, are you going to give it up so you will not offend some Muslims? 

Do you have a dog? 

If so, are you going to euthanise it so that you will not offend some Muslims with your ‘unclean’ pet? 

Do you like music and photography? 

If so, are you going to give them up so that you won’t offend some Muslims? 

Do you know any women who drive? 

If so, are you willing to prohibit females from driving so that you don’t offend some Muslims? 

Do you know any women or girls, who still have their genitals intact? 

If so, are you willing to force them to undergo FGM so that some Muslims won’t be offended? 

Do you know someone who is gay? 

If so, are you willing to execute them so that you won’t offend some Muslims? 

Do you know anyone who attends church on Sundays and sings hymns? 

If so, are you willing to see them prosecuted for ‘disturbing the peace’ in a now-Muslim majority neighbourhood (don’t laugh. It’s happened)? 

Do you know anyone who has ever been raped? 

If so, are you willing to make rape victims produce four witnesses to the crime in order for them not to be stoned to death? 

Do you think that blasphemy and criticism – even if it’s true – of Islam should be outlawed with criminal penalties? 

If so, are you going to work to get UN Resolution 16/18, the OIC's wet dream, which demands that all countries pass laws making blasphemy and criticism of Islam only a crime, adopted?

Are you a Muslim? 

No? Then, are you willing to convert so that you don’t offend members of a bigoted, supremacist, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Semitic, Christophobic, anti-Enlightenment, anti-Humanist, xenophobic, nihilistic, homicidal, suicidal, Neaderthalistic, totalitarian, 7th century death cult? 

You see, this issue is not limited to some ProMo cartoons. The cartoons are just the camel’s nose finding its way further into the tent. The ProMo cartoons are currently starring in the role of the Rhineland. If you look the other way and appease, pretty soon you’re going to have a problem in Poland.

No, not all Muslims are terrorists and many are as dismayed by all of this as anyone, but there is a sizable enough minority of rabid dogs that we must confront them head on.  We mustn't give a heckler's veto to a bunch of barbarians that want nothing more than for us to submit...and then saw our heads off with a rusty scimitar. 

Some interesting reading on the Islam & blasphemy:

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So, to whosoever is responsible for this webpage, why have you...just...implied that you support white supremacy?

WTF's the point of only doing it half-assed?!

Why not be a full-on traitor to the human species?