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01 January 2015

Happy New Year - London 2015!

Ringing in the New Year: Big Ben's chimes signalled the start of a massive firework display that drew gasps among the thousands watching

The sparkling display featured 12,000 fireworks. Crowds of hundreds of thousands lined the River Thames 

Fireworks explode above 'Big Ben' during the New Year celebrations in central London just after midnight 

Although 100,000 saw the display from the official viewing areas, many more saw it from other parts of the Capital

Spectacular: The London Eye explodes with light as a massive display of 15 tons of fireworks helps usher in the New Year in central London

Unlike last year, when about 500,000 people crammed into part of the city to view the display, just 100,000 paying ticket holders were permitted to watch the city’s annual celebration from a fenced-off area at a cost of £10 per ticket

This was the view towards the London Eye from RAF Memorial on Victoria Embankment. This year a ticket system was introduced to limit the numbers of people at the prime viewing sites to 100,000

Breathtaking: Minutes after the dazzling display (pictured), Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted: 'Happy New Year' 

Services braced themselves for a busy night, with London Ambulance Service expecting up to 600 calls an hour

Big Ben is lit up in an explosion of red light from fireworks blasting into the night sky behind

A breathtaking display of fireworks lit up London's night sky tonight as hundreds of thousands descended on the Capital for the arrival of 2015

Fireworks explode around the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye in a dazzling display

Revellers lined the River Thames for a fireworks display timed to the midnight bongs of Big Ben, Parliament's famous bell

The London ticketing scheme was brought in following consultation with the Metropolitan Police, emergency services, and local authorities, to help manage crowd numbers which have been growing each year

This was the stunning view of the London Eye fireworks display captured from the don's 2015 New Year fireworks display from the North bank of the River Thames

Tickets for the viewing area were non-transferable, meaning people needed valid ID from the original ticket buyer to gain entry to the event

In a spin: At times the London Eye resembled a giant Catherine wheel as fireworks rocketed out of the giant frame

In a spin: At times the London Eye resembled a giant Catherine wheel as fireworks rocketed out of the giant frame

The River Thames was transformed under a sea of green and red as the 11-minute display dazzled crowds

In London, a crew of more than 300 are said to have been involved in setting off some 12,000 fireworks last night


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Wow. :)

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I thought you have some damn good seats, then saw the "Getty Images" accreditation. Still, amazingly Artistic and Well done!