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06 November 2014

Jay Carney: 'C'mon, Admit It! You People Are Just A Bunch Of Racists!'

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So sayeth the white guy with no eyebrows...

Carney claims both sides use race to gin up their base. But when Republicans do it, he insists, they do so out of racism. Consider this exchange with Bill Kristol, the conservative publisher of the Weekly Standard. Carney claims that the Republicans' push for voter ID is motivated by the racist Republican desire to suppress the black vote:
Kristol: I voted in Virginia last Saturday. Since I was going to be in New York next week, I voted early absentee in person, and I had to show my driver's license. Do you think that's really a problem? 
Carney: You know what the statistics say. You know who is most affected by the requirements, essentially poll tax-type requirements. 
Kristol: Poll tax? Showing an identification is like charging people a fine, a tax? 
Carney: Bill, you know that the fraud isn't substantial and real. You know it doesn't have a significant impact, because it's so minimal, on election results and you know what the motivation is behind it. You know it. 
Kristol: I just totally disagree. But that's OK. 
Carney: No, you don't.

So here we have two white guys -- three counting host Jake Tapper -- discussing black-white relations. White Democrat accuses white Republican of being racist against blacks. White Republican denies it. White Democrat says: Oh, yes, you are, and you can deny it all you want. But you are a bigot unless and until I say otherwise. White Republican meekly denies the charge. The subject is changed. Let's move on.

Jay Carney: 'C'mon, admit it. The GOP is just a party of old, white men!'

Have you told them?

Jay Carney: 'Voter ID is RAAAAAAACIST!'

Did this civil rights leader know?

Jay Carney: 'Voter ID is a POLL TAX, you RAAAAAAAAAAAACISTS!!!'

Did UBER-Prog Justice John Paul Stevens know?

Jay Carney: ‘Voter ID isn't real and doesn't have a significant impact.'

Without voter fraud, Al Franken never would have been elected and Obamacare would never have passed.

Jay Carney:  'Dude, everybody knows that the GOP is just a dead, regional party full of racists.  Everybody.'

Do American voters know, Jay?



Anonymous said...

Thanks RWM. I enjoy your postings. One minor fix: Jay Carney: ‘Voter ID isn't real and doesn't have a significant impact.' "ID" should be "fraud".

Anonymous said...

RWM -- Thanks for your work -- I check your site every day -- keep up the great work -- that is all...