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04 September 2014

Breaking: Man Arrested After Beheading Woman In London (UPDATED)

A woman who was found beheaded in a suburban back garden after a man 'went berserk with a machete' has been named by police as Palmira Silva, 82

Palmira Silva, 82, who was of Italian descent, was beheaded in her North London Garden earlier today

As I wrote earlier...

Breaking: Man Arrested After Beheading Woman In London 

Hey, Dems, this is what a real 'war on women' looks like!

 'London is crawling with radical Islamists. Is it crazy to hope that it’s just some crazy lunatic and not an Islamist?'

No...and we still don't know the identity or motive, but 32% of the residents in Edmonton, a generally poor/working poor area of Londonistan that is home to several council estates, were born outside of the UK and most of them are 'Asians'.

In a way, neither matters.  We've had 2 beheadings in London in the last 15 months, but it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Labour's plan from the 1990s to flood the country with immigrants from the Middle East and Southeast Asia to 'rub the Right's nose in diversity.' 

'It is merely a coincidence that the more people that we import from countries that have no problem with beheadings, the more beheadings we have. Seriously. Pinky promise! We must be diverse and tolerant...because multiculturalism.'

When you claim that all cultures are equal and import millions of people, who are immersed in another culture and are unwilling to assimilate, then don't be surprised when that culture infects your own.

Again, thanks sooo much, Mssrs Blair, Mandelson, Miliband, and Balls, among others.

From the Daily Mail:

Cmdr Letchford said they were still trying to establish the attacker's motive.

Eyewitnesses had reported seeing a 'madman with a machete' in the area around lunchtime.

Sky News reports that other potential victims fled in a car from the area where the attack took place.

It is believed they escaped the scene in a Blue Ford Focus car, which reportedly made it only a few hundred yards before it was stopped.

Two 'crying and screaming' young boys were seen being lifted out a window by police from a house where the woman was allegedly beheaded.

Taxi firm manger Kharul Islam, 40, saw the officers being handed two boys aged around three and seven out of the window and then led to safety as they tried to raid the house in Nightingale Road.

They surrounded the front and back door and asked a woman in the house to pass out the weeping children.

He said: 'When the police arrived there was a lot of panic and they were trying to get through the windows on the ground floor.

'They were talking to the family inside. I saw two kids being held out of the window, I think they were boys by a woman. She looked like their mother and was older than the guy arrested.

Then the police smashed their way into the house.

'The family looked like they might be from Afghanistan. They were screaming and crying. I saw a police lady holding both of them.

'The mother came out and then they went into the van.'

Cmdr Letchford said the investigation has now been handed over to the Homicide and Major Crime unit. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) have also been informed after the man was injured during the arrest.

The next door neighbour of the house where the attack took place, who wished not to be named, said: 'I heard lots of screaming and shouting coming from next door.

'Then a guy with a knife was in our back garden. There was a lot of blood on the knife and he was just hacking away at stuff. It's just unbelievable, I'm so shocked.'


Yeppers, it appears to be going in that direction...

Via The Telegraph:

Ms Silva was pronounced dead at the scene.

One line of inquiry for detectives is now understood to be whether the man had been inspired by recent footage of the Isil beheadings of two US journalists in Syria. 

Locals last night claimed the arrested man had converted to Islam last year.



This is the first picture of the man named as Nicholas Salvadore, currently under armed guard in hospital

First picture of 'Muslim convert' nicknamed 'Fat Nick' suspected of murdering 82-year-old

Just like Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, who beheaded Lee Rigby 15 months ago.


By the way, I'm still waiting for a comment on Ali Muhammed Brown.

Have you noticed the absolute silence on the Left and libfree’s persistent refusal to say ANYTHING about him? In fact, he would rather leave a thread on SSM than address the man and his (alleged) crimes.

I gurandamnteeyou that, if a Christian or Jew had just gone a spree killing gay men in America, it would be front page news on the NYT, receive ’round-the-clock coverage on MSNBC, and cause protests across the country…but, nooooooo!, when a Muslim does it we must put our heads – while we still have them – in the sand because…the cult of multi-kulti!

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