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28 August 2014

If Primary Results In The Sunshine State Are Any Indication, The November Forecast Is 'Doom & Gloom' For Democrats

An omen of what is to come in November?

Rick Scott received 833,593 votes.

Elizabeth Cuevas-Neunder received 100,590 votes.

Yinka Adeshina received 16,881 votes.

Total Republican votes cast: 951,064

Charlie Crist received 620,755 votes.

Nan Rich received 214,120 votes.

Total Democratic votes cast: 834,875

Republican: 4,144,806 (35%)

Democrat: 4,600,322 (39%)

Minor: 348,445 (3%)

None: 2,718,354 (23%)

Total: 11,811,927

There are 455,516 more registered Democrats than Republicans in Florida.

116,189 more Republicans than Democrats turned out to vote in the primary on Tuesday.

Rick Scott, who was down by double-digits a few months ago, now leads Republican-cum-Independent-cum-Democrat and former Governor Charlie Crist by an average of 3 points and received 212,838 more votes in a D+4 state.

If Tuesday’s turnout in Florida is any indication, November is going to be absolutely brutal.

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