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07 July 2014

Number Of Illegals 'En Route' To Our Southern Border Is Nearly Twice The Size Of The Allied Forces That Invaded France On D-Day

From Noah Rothman at

Report: 300,000 Central American immigrants heading to U.S.

The ongoing and apparently worsening calamity at the southern border as protected individuals like Central American women and children stream across the border is not merely a humanitarian and political crisis but a health crisis as well. While the influx of immigrants is not being curtailed, the health risks associated with that inflow are apparently being mitigated.

“It’s getting better,” said U.S. Border Patrol Council Shawn Moran in an interview with San Antonio’s WOAI. “Everyone is being screened and receiving medical care."

That’s nice, but buried at the bottom of that report was a deeply disturbing revelation that the federal government estimates approximately 300,000 prospective illegal immigrants are currently on their way to the American border.

In fact, one source told Newsradio 1200 WOAI as many as 300,000 Central American immigrants are now ‘en route’ to the United States through Mexico, and the Department of Defense has asked military bases around the country to find 180 barracks, holding centers, and other facilities to house the flood which is not expected to stop coming any time soon.

“The numbers are still overwhelming and we are sending people everywhere just to get them processed, just due to the huge numbers,” Moran said.

This report comes on the heels of a confrontation at Murrieta, California where the federal government attempted and failed to relocate and process some of the 240,000 migrants and 52,000 unaccompanied immigrant children who have been captured crossing the border in recent months. Murrieta residents greeted a busload of illegal immigrant women and children with anti-illegal immigration protests and signs recently, forcing that bus to reroute an hour south to San Diego.

If WOAI’s report, one that has thus far not been substantiated by other outlets, turns out to be true, how many cities will react to that deluge of illegal migrants in the same way that the citizens of Murrieta did?

To put the ANOTHER '300,000 illegals en route' (to the southern border of the United States from Central America, not to mention the Chinese and Middle Easterners) into context...

'On D-Day, the Allies landed around 156,000 troops in Normandy. The American forces landed numbered 73,000: 23,250 on Utah Beach, 34,250 on Omaha Beach, and 15,500 airborne troops. In the British and Canadian sector, 83,115 troops were landed (61,715 of them British): 24,970 on Gold Beach, 21,400 on Juno Beach, 28,845 on Sword Beach, and 7900 airborne troops.'

In other words, the swarm heading this way is NEARLY TWICE THE SIZE of the Allied invasion force on D-Day, 6 June 1944.

My point is to give you a visual idea of the numbers of people heading this way. On D+5, 326,547 troops had participated. Regardless of whether they arrive here in days, weeks, or months, the number is ENORMOUS, especially when added to the OTHER 300,000 that have arrived since April, according to the New York Times.

I don’t think that Hitler was standing on one of the beaches handing out lollipops like Sheila ‘Dora da Explora’ Jackson-Lee.

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