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17 April 2012

Obama: You Say PotaTOE, I Say PotaTAH. You Call Them The Malvinas, I Call Them The Maldives.

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'Cuz you're the joke of the neighbourhood
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Take the long way home

 "Probably the strongest experience I have in foreign relations is the fact that I spent four years living overseas when I was a child in southeast Asia.  If I go to Jakarta and address the largest Muslim country on earth, I can say, ‘Apa kabar,’ — you know, ‘How are you doing?’ — and they can recognize that I understand their common humanity.  That is a strength and it allows me to say things to them that other presidents might not be able to say. And that’s part of what’s promising, I think, about this presidency."

- Senator Barack Obama, 20 November 2007

On Sunday, Sarah Palin addressed the Summit of the Americas in Colombia and spoke about the conflict between Great Britain and Argentina over the Falkland Islands.  As she has in the past, Mrs Palin appeared to be favouring the Argentine claim to the Islands by calling them the "Malvinas" rather than the "Falklands," which Argentina insists is their proper name. 

In keeping with her typically airheaded nature, Mrs Palin actually called the Malvinas the Maldives -- an entirely different group of islands...thousands of miles the Indian Ocean.  One wonders if she can she the Maldives or the Malvinas from her house?

Oops!  What's that you said?  Mrs Palin wasn't a speaker at the Summit of the Americas in Colombia?  Which dummkopf made such a boneheaded statement?  Was Congressman Hank Johnson a speaker?  He has a thing about islands.  No?  It was the smartest man in the world, Barack Obama, not Sarah Palin, not Hank Johnson.