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17 December 2014

Now, It's Time To Boycott #JimCrowCuba

'The authorities in my country have never tolerated that a black person oppose the regime. During the trial, the colour of my skin aggravated the situation. Later when I was mistreated in prison by guards, they always referred to me as being black.'

- Jorge Luis García Pérez, a Cuban human right and democracy activist, who was imprisoned for 17 years

'There is an unstated threat, blacks in Cuba know that whenever you raise race in Cuba, you go to jail. Therefore the struggle in Cuba is different. There cannot be a civil rights movement. You will have instantly 10,000 black people dead.'

- Carlos Moore, a Black Cuban writer, researcher, and social scientist, dedicated to African and Afroamerican history and culture

If I were a Republican (I’m not) and in the Senate, do you know what I would do in January?

Commence Senate hearings on the Apartheid State with its Jim Crow laws, Cuba. I’d invite all sorts of dissidents and exiled Cubans to talk about the rampant, state-sponsored racism against Black Cubans and also how the country treats its political prisoners (You know, like Dr Oscar Elias Biscet, a Black Cuban dissident who was sentenced to 27 years in jail, FOR COMMUNITY ORGANISING AND INSTRUCTING BLACK CUBANS ABOUT THE TEACHINGS OF MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR!).

Then, after weeks of gripping testimony concerning the racism, segregation, poverty, torture, imprisonment, execution, and disappearances of Black Cubans and political opponents, I would pass legislation calling for a BOYCOTT of APARTHEID CUBA.

After that, let’s see how much the American people consider what Obama has done to be a ‘WIN’.

Let America’s First Black President decide: Is he on the side of the fabulously wealthy and brutal Castro Brothers or is he down with the struggle of Black Cubans and the OPPRESSED?

When I speak about how blacks are treated in Cuba, I am not talking about how ‘some’ Cubans treat their fellow citizens, who happen to be black. I am referring to STATE-SPONSORED racism à la Jim Crow.

These photos were sent to me by a great contributor to The Real Cuba. They were taken at the Boca Ciega beach, near Havana. A white woman tourist came to the beach accompanied by a black Cuban male. They sat on a lounge chair and were chatting. Within a few minutes, a cop showed up and began asking the Cuban black male for his identification. The cop kept interrogating the Cuban male for several minutes.Finally, the black Cuban male was forced to leave the beach. No one knows if he was arrested, or just expelled from that public beach for being with a white foreign woman.


Can you imagine the the outrage of the NAACP, Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover, Jesse Jackson, Nelson Mandela and Company if incidents like these happened anywhere else in the world except in Castro’s private farm? In Cuba, the racist and fascist regime of the Castro brothers is allowed to treat Cuban blacks like third class citizens, and none of these hypocrites would say a word.

Here are some Black Cuban women being told to leave the 'white' beach:

This is how Black Cuban activists are treated...when they aren't being tortured and starved in prison:

How many of you supported the boycott of Apartheid South Africa?

Listen, you might think the claims of racism in Cuba are being overblown by me, but what would you say if you knew that even Cornell West and the Reverend Jeremiah Wright have condemned Cuba's treatment of its black citizens?

Dec. 1, 2009 - In a landmark "Statement of Conscience by African-Americans," 60 prominent black American scholars, artists and professionals have condemned the Cuban regime's apparent crackdown on the country's budding civil rights movement. "Racism in Cuba, and anywhere else in the world, is unacceptable and must be confronted," said the document, which also called for the "immediate release" of Dr. Darsi Ferrer, a black civil rights leader imprisoned in July. Traditionally, African-Americans have sided with the Castro regime and unilaterally condemned the U.S. which, in the past, explicitly sought to topple the Cuban government. But this first public rebuke of Castro's racial policies may very well indicate a tide change and a more balanced attitude. Representing a wide spectrum of political opinion, the document was signed by Princeton University scholar Cornel West; famed actress Ruby Dee; former Essence magazine editor and current president of the National CARES Mentoring Movement Susan Taylor; Bennett College President Julienne Malvaux; UCLA Vice Chancellor Claudia Mitchell-Kernan; Chicago's Trinity Church Emeritus pastor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright; retired Congresswoman Carrie Meek; former Black Panther activist Kathleen Cleaver; former Jesse Jackson presidential campaign manager and current director of the African-American Leadership Institute Ron Walters; movie director Melvin Van Peebles; and former Miami-Dade County Commissioner, Betty Ferguson, and more.

Link to the actual document of the Afro-American leaders about the racist regime in Cuba:

This is a replica of the cell where Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, a Black Cuban dissident who was sentenced to 27 years in jail, is being held. The replica of his cell was based on the description that the Cuban doctor gave his wife, and was constructed in the backyard of the home of James Cason, the chief of the United States Interests Section in Havana, Cuba.

A little over six feet high and three feet wide, the holding cell of wood and metal features a drain on the floor for a toilet, a plastic bowl of food and a sheet for a pillow. And what horrible crime did Dr. Biscet commit, to be sentenced to 27 years in this terrible dungeon? The Afro-Cuban doctor organized a seminar to teach his fellow Cubans about Dr. Martin Luther King, the American civil rights leader, and his non-violent forms of protest. In any civilized country, Dr. Biscet would be commended for following the teachings of Dr. King, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, but in Castro's animal farm, this is considered a serious crime, and Dr. Biscet was sent to jail for 27 years!!!

So, for those of you cheering President Barack Obama’s actions today, are you still happy that we are enabling the further racism and oppression of the Castro Regime?

Is Apartheid only bad when white people do it?

Are you really such big, fucking hypocrites?

Oh, never mind.  Your silence as radical Islam continues its bloody war against women while screaming about ‘micro-aggression’ on American college campuses tells me all that I ever need to know.

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